Posted by: M'Creative | 2 May 2013

Memperbaiki MBR Windows 7 "BOOTMGR is missing"

Utan Kayu,,,, budrexzssss…. iseng ae

Permasalahan umum yang sering terjadi setelah memasang dual os pada komputer adalah “NTLDR is missing” atau “BOOTMGR is missing”

Informasi Umum :

Windows 7 Ultimate

Partisi Sisyem : C

Problem : Cannot start windows. Blank screen, bootmgr is missing. etc

Tools :

DVD Installer Windows 7

“You have to know, where your windows system is”

“Don’t blame me, if your system or your files gone”

Do it carefully!!!

Step :

1. Insert DVD installer windows 7

2. Set up pc to boot from dvdrom

3. If any warning “press any key to boot from cd / dvd…” press any key

4. Wait until first menu appear. Click “next” or “alt+n”

5. Second menu, select “Repair ……’ or “alt + r”

6. Third menu, select “command line” or the last option

7. Command line screen will appear.

8. Use command “Diskapart” and enter. This command is used for selecting disk and partition, then active it.

9. Use Command “list disk”, to view disk on the pc.

10. Use “select disk” to choose the disk which windows 7 system inside, for example “select disk 0” if only one disk on pc

11. Use “list partition” to view partition windows 7 system inside

12. Use “Select partition”. For example : windows system is on partition C, use “select partiton c”. Windows system usually is primary.

13. Use “active” to set partition selected to be actived

14. Use “exit” to exit from diskpart

There are 3 ways in this methode to repair MBR Windows System

In command line

-  Use “bootrec /fixmbr” and press “enter”.  Restart your pc . If doesn’t solve problem, use the next way.

Do the step 1 – step 15

In command line

– “bootrec /fixboot” and press “enter”. Restart pc. Doesn’t solve?

Do step 1-step 15

– Boot directory is inside windows partition. For examp your windows partition is C, you use command “C:” enter. The letter drive will changed to C:/

– Change permission of boot directory “attrib –s –r /d /s c:/boot

– Delete any files on boot directory and subdirectories. Use “Del /F /S /Q boot

– Make a new bcd file. “bootrec /rebuildbcd”

If any question, select “yes” or “y

– Exit and restart PC.


If should not. Keep try.


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